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Thor summer of 07

RHR Thor is my buck. He's A Fullblood Boer with excellent bloodlines, including South African studs, and Tehachapi and Hill Country lines. Tehachapi boers are big muscled lower 48 goats with great conformation. Hill Country boers came from Annete Maze's Hill Country Boers. Those are some great goats. Thor Also has Kaptein ENNOBELD, DSM Kala ENNOBELD, DSM Cloud Dancing ENNOELD, and many South African Stud Bloodlines!
Thor has thrown awesome kids, average birth weight is 9.5 lbs, thats a big kid, they grow fast, have sweet personalities,  his chocolate color (also throws a few paints in there) And some style, his kids walk with their heads up, they practically strut! refined does with long necks and pretty faces!
Shows : Summer Solstice Boer Goat Show: USBGA sanctioned: reserve senior buck.

Thor June 2008