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Rock'n H Ranch

Poultry & Eggs

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Always "cheep"!

Here At Rock'n H, We have a flock of about 30 chickens, including; frizzles, americana, japaneese bantams, jungle fowl, australorp, golden wyandotte, barred rock, whit leghorn, and one Silver Leghorn rooster.
We almost Always have fresh eggs, fed Ak grown feed, and in the spring and fall they are free range hens. (summer they eat the garden) Fresh eggs are not just delicious they are also healthy and are packed with vitamins and minerals.
and our prices are as follows ; a 12 pack; $2.50 , an 18 pack; $3.50. these pack include white, brown, and occasionally green or speckled eggs. You can pick these eggs up at only one store in the valley ; Bullseye Feed, on the palmer wasilla hwy. 745-0407 ask for Rock'n H Ranch eggs, and they almost always have them!